A glance at my scribbles.

Text editors

The best text editor is neither vim nor emacs, it’s both.

New Year & Plans

2018’s been a mixed bag of feelings, mostly bored. Hope it gets better this year.

The Gopher way

My journey from Python to Golang via Node.js

How Open Source turned my Life Around.

A short story on how things changed.

I’m bored of life.

That was me until the past week.

Ship it!

Deploy to AWS EC2 instances using GitLab CI/CD pipelines.

I’m a graduate now!

But, does a degree matter, especially in countries like India?

First honors 😍

That winning feeling!

Boilerplates are fun, right?!

Good bye crappy config files!

Uncharted Waters

I’m pretty much a train wreck at the moment of writing this.

Let’s rebase.

Although it is super fun to work with opensource projects, it can get pretty tiresome on the project maintainers after reaching a certain…

Plugins, plugins everywhere.

Hi guys, it’s been my first week into the last phase of GSoC 2017. I’ve been working on writing plugins all day. The first one was to…

Finding duplicates.

The final of my second phase into GSoC is related to NLP for finding duplicate issues within a repository. To be honest, I’m just a learner…

Storing data!

This week of GSoC has all been about making models to store GitHub and GitLab data within a database to overcome two problems, viz;

Django: Laying out projects

A brief glance at how I like to maintain stuff, and possibly, the better way.

Perks of Life 🙈

September, 2017.

the tiny little 🐳 that changed everything..

portable, disruptive, revolutionary and unified..

Make the best out of ReST..

ReSTful APIs via drf

But that’s way too much..

Give us only what we need!

We all have bad days..

But don’t just give up on things..

The bond that never broke..

Bonding with coala for Google Summer of Code 2017

Spot ’em bugs..!

pip install bugspots3

Testing.. 1, 2, 3!

Unit-testing in python.

Summer of Excitement!

Filled with </> and ❤

Only you..

In ❤ with #13ReasonsWhy..

My first proposal.. 😜

Hehe.. 😂 controversial titles are the best..!

first intern!! yay…!

Hi guys! Good to see you again! First of all, I’m quite thankful to the coala developer community for providing me with the knowledge and…

design, build and iterate..!!

Hey guys, good to see you again! First of all, it has been a great week altogether, and I’ve got a lot to discuss. So, let’s wait no more!

gitmate, the bot from the future..!

It’s been a while since I last wrote an article. How’re you guys? I’ve been waiting so long for this one, almost a month, I guess. I’ve a…

New Wishes & Resolutions

It’s almost 2017, and yet she remains unknown to me. Perhaps, it’s gonna be a great new start, or perhaps not.